Avenir Thinking

2 years ago

Avenir Thinking is a digital marketing agency based in San Diego, California. Avenir uses online marketing techniques to build brands, systems, and tools to help their clients thrive in the new digital economy. As you would imagine, the demand for relevant, supportive copywriting and marketing content is relentless – both for their clients, and Avenir themselves. That’s where WordsWerk comes in.

WordsWerk’s Role: 
Avenir, not unlike WordsWerk, always puts the client first. As a result, developing our own content with the frequency mapped out in the calendar of our dreams can be a challenge.

The pairing of WordsWerk and Avenir Thinking has been a “dream team” of collaboration that addresses the issue of overload when it rears its ugly head. The result: Making beautiful content together.

Here’s a sampling of articles WW has created for Avenir:

“Jonna is a word artist. ‘Werking’ with her couldn’t be easier. We chat about the vision we want for our content (emails, social media, articles, web sites); and poof – it appears, ahead of the deadline. We rarely need edits as it seems she just “gets us” and knows the tone, level of professionalism, and detail she should use on any given project. We trust Jonna and feel confident when she is on board!”
-Jae Edwards, Project Manager @Avenir Thinking