Content that wows and converts

Creating share-worthy content and credible copywriting to boost your company’s digital presence, speak to your desired audience, and turn prospects into clients.

A website that doesn't engage is worthless

Writing for online audiences is unique because of its intimacy and immediacy. As our world changes at warp speed, it requires us to adapt with it. Flexibility and rapid response is critical. As your priorities, services, and goals shift, your communication with customers and prospects cannot remain static.  

"Websites in particular have just seconds to razzle dazzle - scratch an itch - fill a need - and most importantly, motivate visitors to take action. How? With the right copy, images, and structure. It seems simple, yet so easy to get wrong."
Jonna Jerome

What I do

Infuse your content with personality and verve

I help relay your business and personal stories in the way you want them shared with the world. Whether I work on one project at a time, or a multi-tiered campaign, my goal is to improve the entire scope of your digital presence, marketing and communications. Wordswerk is capable of handling your online and traditional media so they work hand in hand.

My specialty is partnering directly with marketing/branding agencies, in-house marketing teams, and small business owners who require additional support. I also assist other creatives (copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, and individuals) with their marketing needs. My clients include a diverse mix of industries, B2B and B2C companies, and nonprofits.

How I do it

Your voice, my words

My skill is being able to assimilate quickly and speak in the client’s voice, while still bringing fresh ideas to the table. I can meld seamlessly into your existing team, or tackle the job independently as your needs require. I offer a strong work ethic, drama free flexibility, problem solving capabilities, and I’ll crush those deadlines. When you succeed, I succeed!

Strong, authentic content naturally attracts engagement and conversions. If  you feel the content you worked so hard to create is no longer relevant, your site isn’t performing, or you’re simply falling behind – I can take the pressure off while delivering just what you need



It may not be the first idea. The ability to use nimble thinking, change course, and persist until the right idea forms is key.




We don’t all think alike. That’s the beauty of it. Setting aside ego for a common goal, and working as a team, bolsters creativity. 


Beautiful Content

Whether you need a website audit, content refresh, or entire digital campaign – WordsWerk will adapt and grow with you.