Powerful copy is not bossy, loud or deceptive

Great copy tells a story that pulls you in and evokes emotion. Paired properly, your stories and digital marketing should go together like cookies and milk!

Wordswerk content & copywriting services

Website content audits

Wordswerk’s site audits focus on organic content and copywriting, and ethical search engine optimization (SEO). 
Your website should be your best salesperson, 24/7. If it’s not, it’s time for a performance review! 

Create a better user experience (UX) to attract & retain your audience.
Navigating your site should be intuitive and easy as pie. Common problems that frustrate visitors and search engines alike are usually inconsistent structure and poorly researched content.



Who I work with

I am always happy to embark on challenges working with new industries and individuals. I also have specialized experience collaborating with the following types of organizations:

Marketing & Branding Agencies

If you lack an in-house writer, or your current team is overwhelmed, Wordswerk can help. I’m a reliable partner for large projects, ongoing content demand, or unexpected deadlines. Outsourcing this overflow is more cost effective than creating a new hire.

Healthcare & Special Education

I work with mental and behavioral health care professionals who serve adolescents and adults with special needs. These include therapists, educational advocates and consultants, special education and alternative schools, and therapeutic centers (TC) and (RTC).

Non-profit Organizations

Writing for good! I have a soft spot for those trying to make the world a better place. You had me at hello. I have experience writing content for fundraisers, special events, and ongoing website / social media for non-profits.

Fees for services

PROPOSAL: I offer quotes after a consultation rather than handing you a fixed price sheet. Due to varying complexity, you will be given a more accurate proposal once I fully understand your needs. 

RETAINER / PACKAGE: We can work project by project, or construct a contract or retainer for longer-term arrangements. I also offer packages for bundled content at introductory rates.

I will never try to “up-sell” you on services, and will work with you to find an affordable fee structure.