Reconnect with customers & reimagine your brand

3 years ago

Business owners are riddled with anxiety and anticipation in the wake of COVID-19. With less than clear directives from the government regarding reopening the economy, confusion has been thrown into the equation as well. As doors slowly begin to open a crack, no one is certain what it’s going to look like outside. 

Not all companies have stayed in regular contact with their customer base during this crisis. Many, caught off guard, are unsure how to do this in a compassionate way. You don’t want to come off as desperate “PLEASE keep buying our stuff,” or even worse, insensitive, by not acknowledging the situation at all. How can you not only repair those relationships, but strengthen them, while building up your business again? 

Three important things need to happen right now. 

  1. Reconnect with your customers & prospects 
  2. Use this time to make innovative change
  3. Bring hope and positivity to the forefront rather than fear and negativity

Yes, business has slowed to a crawl and in some cases a full stop. Yet, you can still actively engage with your customers in a supportive way, and reach out to prospects. Here’s how:

Connect: Surveys / Newsletters / Special Offers

Conduct surveys to find out what products and services will be most important to your customers as the economy re-opens. What service upgrades or new ways of conducting business would be helpful and encourage them to return? Create a newsletter that offers useful information and ideas that keeps your brand unobtrusively in their mind. Welcome them back by offering discounts for their loyalty the next time they purchase your product or service.

Re-evaluate Your Brand 

Armed with feedback from your customer surveys, do the heavy lifting to define how you can adapt and improve your products or services, and how you will do business moving forward. Do your need to adjust your priorities and protocols? If so, use this time to research and implement important changes.

Incorporate New Marketing

If you are planning to make changes to meet new goals, take a look at your digital marketing. Re-evaluate everything from your logo to your website, social media presence, and accompanying marketing collateral. Does it still accurately reflect your company, or do you need a creative overhaul?

Business is relying heavily on e-commerce as quarantined families spend a lot more time on the internet. More online traffic is an opportunity for you to open new platforms and reach more customers. Ensure buying from your website is a cinch, and update your social media. If you haven’t already, consider Memes and YouTube, which have become an even greater part of our everyday virtual life. No matter your industry, video can play a role in your brand messaging.

If we search for a silver lining in this really horrendous experience, it may just be this: It often takes a crisis situation to bring the greatest insight, and shake us out of complacency. We need to adapt how we do business not only for our bottom line, but for the common good. Staying connected is essential as our world continues to change. This time it’s going to take more than a village – this time it’s global.