The elephant on the couch

3 years ago

As a writer, I aspire to share words of wisdom, optimism, humor and hope. Yet being human, I find myself struggling to realistically embrace these ideals right now. 2020 has been, let’s just say it – a real s**t show. Many events, with COVID-19 topping the charts, have knocked us off balance. Even as the clock struck midnight to usher in 2021 – we understood we haven’t found our way out of the woods just yet. 

I’m frustrated by those who seem to want to just pretend this away like it isn’t happening, and cover it with a “Happy New Year” message. Without giving in to despair, my belief is that you have to acknowledge the “elephant in the room” (or Zoom). And we’ve had not just one – but an entire herd of elephants in residence for the better part of a year. This simply isn’t business as usual. So, what now?

Much of the media we’ve been consuming falls into one of three categories: complete denial, unrealistic optimism, or fact-based doom and gloom. Not surprisingly, reactions when consuming such content can range from avoidance, anxiety, and in some cases, a survival of the fittest mentality. Thankfully there’s a shimmer of hope and goodwill scattered in here and there, because collectively, we are emotionally spent. Financially, we and/or the businesses we work for are walking a tightrope trying to stay afloat. 

I have been immensely fortunate that despite unwittingly re-launching my business in the middle of a global pandemic, it turns out to be precisely the time my services are needed the most. Companies are moving as much business as they can online. As a result, they are re-inventing themselves and must communicate how their protocols and services are changing to their clientele.

When writing content for clients, I am specifically working to enlighten, educate, and provide useful information for their unique customer base. My job is to stay objective, on-task, and observant of the overall climate so everyone’s needs are met. All the while, I’m maneuvering around that elephant in the room, who has taken up residence and is currently squashing my couch. Nonetheless, I am here to help you and your business not only get through this, but find new ways to thrive in the digital landscape. Being honest and frank is how we can navigate.

While I won’t promote false claims, impossible hopes, or pretend all is “normal,” I can offer up a number of positive observations that you may not have considered while the sky seems to be falling on our heads:

  • We are more resilient than ever imagined.
  • We have resources we can share or trade.
  • We have more clarity on what is important to us.
  • We appreciate our loved ones more.
  • We can adapt and learn new skills.
  • We have more patience for the “little things.”
  • We have multiple vaccines in the pipeline.
  • We are SURVIVORS.

Hold these truths in your pocket as 2021 gets underway. When you feel you can come up for air – try lending a hand to those who are still under water. Perhaps then, the elephants will start heading for the door.