Let's engage in some Janglery

I believe sharing personal stories is a healthy way to emote, connect with other humans, and affect change in the world – one tiny bit at a time. 

Think of it as a cleanse without the weird smoothies. 

Janglery began as a platform for sharing my unpublished writing, then evolved into a gateway for networking with fellow writers, a community for readers, and a space for prospective editors to explore my work.

You can support me by sharing what resonates with you. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to submit a guest post!

If you are an editor/publisher interested in available content, I’d love to talk with you. 

Life. You just can’t make this sh*t up. I’m fascinated with both the big bangs and everyday minutiae. Almost any given situation, when given a closer look, can gift us with some of our deepest “aha” moments.

Through a compassionate and humorous lens, I write stories to pique curiosity, emotion, and explore alternate viewpoints. You don’t have to agree with me, but you might just relate.


Noun ~ gossip; idle talk; chatter.

“See there be no entrance into princes ‘courts, either of drunkennefs, ill-fpeaking, babling indifcreetly, flattery, janglery, buffoonery, and fuch other vices, which foil and fhame the reputation of men.”

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