Colleen Ecker

3 years ago

Colleen Ecker is an Educational Consultant, Advocate, and Treatment Interventionist. It takes a special individual to guide families in crisis through the labyrinth of educational, mental, and behavioral health care options available. This individual is Colleen Ecker. Colleen provides counseling and guidance regarding interventions, treatment, transports, and placement resources for those suffering with alcohol and/or drug addiction, mental/developmental illness, learning disabilities, and other special needs.

Here are Colleen’s websites, before and after working with WordsWerk.
Original website BEFORE, click here.
Current website AFTER, click here.

WordsWerk’s Role:
In contrast to most clients, Colleen’s challenge is managing an over-abundance of business. Her site doesn’t need to attract clients as much as educate them as to the detailed services she provides. In Colleen’s line of work, it is critical to get help to her clients in a timely manner. She prefers phone conversations to be used for patient care rather than explaining her education, credentials, referrals, and services. In some instances, that extra time can literally save a life.

When a potential client is moved to pick up the phone or email after reviewing Colleen’s site, the fit is likely a good one.

  • Digital presence consulting 
  • Re-branding, including logo 
  • Website creation – complete overhaul of previous site, including all site map/content/design elements
  • Additional pages for resources, speaking engagements, fee structure, services, testimonials, and blog
  • Interviews of owner & clients for website content

“Jonna Jerome is dedicated professional. She is multi-faceted and multi-talented. She is careful to deliver accurate, professional copy with an understanding of my field. I handle very sensitive situations and must be sure my communication reflects this. Jonna has done a great deal of business ghostwriting with me, editing critical correspondence, and completed a complete overhaul of my website (content & design) and branding (logo). I highly recommend her as a writer, and an ethical businesswoman who respects confidentiality.”
– Colleen Ecker, Consultant & Interventionist