Hitting the virtual wall

2 years ago

Kiss 2021 Goodbye

There’s something about a new year…even if it’s starting out as bumpy as this one, that gives us hope of better things, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

The Saturation Point

This being said, 2022 comes with big challenges for businesses and entrepreneurs right out of the gift box. On the digital marketing side, that’s over-saturation. 

We have all been flooded with campaigns jockeying for our contact information. The amount of proverbial carrots being dangled in front of our eyes is hitting the stratosphere through every touch point, with the apex during the holiday season. There’s good reason you may feel overwhelmed right now.

This contributes to the urge to hit the delete button – even for things that interest you. If your clients and prospects are having the same experience, there is danger of disconnecting rather than creating the relationships you desire through your own digital public relations and marketing efforts. 


Are you satisfied with the time spent perusing another free webinar, white paper, newsletter, time limited sale, influencer summit, [insert endless options here]? Did you fall down the rabbit hole of funnels only to look up and see hours have passed you by? Was your purchase or experience worth your time, and leave you wanting more?

Or, did you feel tempted to close your email accounts rather than go through the unsubscribing exercise to avoid the next wave of heavier sales pitches for products and services, such as more in-depth masterclasses, reports, and bootcamps, along with their heftier price tags?

A Post-Holiday Present

What if you gave your clients the gift of…dare I say it…peace? Be visible, but earn trust and loyalty by presenting your offer with no strings attached. What?!? Don’t include an email capture or giant funnel to navigate. Give your audience an opportunity to decide whether they want to continue the relationship and connect with you. You don’t need to entice them with promises that are exhausting to unearth, or hit them over the head with a hammer to get your point across. I am a firm believer in the “un-marketing” approach that is gaining momentum, and that the softer touch works. I previously explored this method of generosity in “Forget the Funnel.”

A Fresh Start

This is the time of year we look back as well as forward, and dismiss what does not serve us.

Evaluation and cutting out excess will help with the problem of over-saturation in both your personal and professional life. It’s food for thought as we finish off that fruitcake and contemplate our goals for the coming months. 

Rest assured I am not including a capture to any service page or download here. Happy New Year!